My Label Solution

Custom Label Stock Descriptions

Conformable Polyethylene Film – A white, top-coated film stock that provides an excellent low-cost alternative for vinyl. Minimums may apply.

Direct Thermal – A thermal imaging label stock that is heat activated at 185 degrees F. Testing for specific applications is recommended.

Fluorescent – A matte coated fluorescent finish that excels in brilliance and visual impact. Designed for indoor applications. Black ink is recommended. Available in Red, Orange, Chartreuse, Pink and Green.

Fluorescent Laser – A lightweight, fluorescent stock designed for excellent image quality and processing in most desktop, non-impact printers. Minimums may apply.

Foils – A paper sheet designed to provide a classic metallic appearance. Foils are not intended to be written or typed on. Recommended for indoor applications. Available in Bright Gold, Matte Gold, Bright Silver and Matte Silver.

Gloss Laser – A smudge resistant, cast coated sheet ideal for custom printed labels requiring multicolor graphics. Minimums apply.

Laser – An uncoated, face sheet that works well for most medium and high-speed printers. Testing for suitability to your specific application is recommended.

Laser Card Stock – A white, 90# index stock, lightweight for laser printer applications, though durable enough for special tag or post-card applications.

Laser Latex – A 60# Latex saturated face sheet designed for use in high-speed laser printers. Ideal for applications such as supermarket shelf talkers. Minimums may apply.

Laser Imprintable Polyester – Available in clear, white and matte silver, providing the excellent durability of polyester along with laser printer compatibility. Minimums apply.

Latex – A highly moisture resistant, bleached, kraft sheet with a low-gloss finish. Minimums may apply.

Piggyback – Two labels with uncoated face stock where the top label can be removed and applied to another surface. For indoor applications requiring two labels. Minimums may apply.

Polyester – Extremely durable film stock intended for indoor or outdoor use where longevity is required under harsh conditions. Lamination is generally recommended for best result. Available in Chrome and Clear. For White or Matte Silver minimums may apply.

Semi Gloss Paper Platinum
– A premium bright white-coated face stock featuring smoothness and strength for excellent printability and converting.

Synthetic Thermal Transfer (Kimdura) – An ultra smooth, synthetic, coated, smudge-proof stock for outdoor thermal transfer or dot matrix printed applications.

Thermal Transfer – A super smooth, smudge-proof label stock specifically selected for thermal transfer printing. Excellent for high-speed thermal transfer printers and provides superior bar code printability.

Tyvek® – Opaque, white, spunbonded, polyolefin film with exceptional tear strength and moisture resistance. Ideal for labeling applications requiring high tear strength.

White or Clear Vinyl – A durable, flexible, weather resistant stock that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Lamination or varnish is recommended for harsh environments.

White or Yellow Gloss – Provides an excellent, high quality print surface when it is not necessary to write or type on the label. Recommended for indoor applications.

White Matte Litho – High quality, coated stock offers excellent print characteristics. Recommended for labels that must be written or typed. Intended for indoor applications.

White Uncoated – A flexible, uncoated stock that offers excellent smudge resistance and is recommended for use with pin-feed printers and typewriters. Intended for indoor applications.

Custom Label Adhesives

All-Temperature – Designed primarily for application to frozen surfaces but also performs well in hot temperatures. Application temperature down to -10 degrees F. Works between -65 degress F to +200 degrees F.

High Tac – Highly aggressive permanent adhesive designed for use on difficult surfaces such as textures or unfinished wood (pallet labels for example).

Opaque – A colored adhesive used to “cover up.” Performs as a permanent adhesive.

Permanent – Features a high initial tack and excellent bond strength. Minimum application temperature is 40oF. Permanent adhesive is supplied unless otherwise requested.

Removable Adhesive – Allows the label to be taken off once it is applied. However, it will become permanent over time or with exposure to weather.